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Multicolor print visiting-cards
ID: 1440


Price: 12.00Euro


The visiting-card is a face of a company. It contains the company logo and a statement for advertising and the contact information, i.e. all the important information for Your presentation. This is the unique small cardboard piece and we offer the different original mode for design and implementation – many standard and non-standard solutions.

Don’t forget that the first impression for a people is most important but after each business meeting You leave Your visiting-card together with the impression. In the price of the visiting-card 100 pcs a design and cutting are included. The used material is:

-         cardboard linen – white and / or yellow

-         mat 300 gr white

The procedure for order is as follows:

1.                 You should supply the necessary information for the visiting-card – Company name, First and Family name, position, company logo,  address, phone numbers, e-mail, GSM etc. (refer the shown example)

2.                 We will made a design according to Your company profile (min 3 versions). We will  send to Your e-mail a .jpg file with our design proposal. We will produce the whole quantity visiting-cards in 24 hours after Your approval.

3.                 If a company logo or clipart is missing we could develop it for You additionally.

The design of the company logo is very specific job and depends on the company activity and orientation.

Price of design in a case of 30 min spending time – 5 EUR

For all type of visiting-cards a roundness of 1,2,3 and 4 corners is available. The price is 0,01 EUR / pcs.